God's Work Shown Abundantly

This weekend, I drove down to Chattanooga heading towards Sequatchie, TN to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine. The drive was a two hour drive from my location in Cookeville, however my car was in a questionable shape to drive. Ideally the plan was to drive my roommates car, but I was unable to do so. Thus, I ended up driving my car to the wedding. Thankfully, the ride was very smooth, and very peaceful. I even got to admire the beauty of God's work in nature the ride was so peaceful. Views full of green trees and high mountains, a colorful sky filled with hues of blues, whites, and grays. A sight to behold. 

Once there, the wedding was located at a mountain view overlooking a vast valley and nearby falls. It was a simple wedding, but the atmosphere was filled with thanksgiving, peace, and most importantly of all Love. The fellowship of the people there to celebrate a holy union between husband and wife. With these two individuals in particular, they had been engaged, and talking about being engaged for some time, and to see God's plan in motion was another sight to behold. 

Aside from that, the view of the valley and mountains, the fogs, and the clouds, the sun and the rains, the lush grass, and an open sky, all showcased just how powerful God is. Not only that, just how wonderful he is. He's shown us His works, and through His works we see Him. I just thank God for allowing me to see His work present so abundantly.