Kainos Church is a Spirit-filled church with a heart for the TTU campus, those who feel they don’t fit, and anyone who’s never experienced the fulfillment that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

Our overarching mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world and is based out of the Great Commission, which is found in Matthew 28:18-20.  Our philosophy for accomplishing this is by the pattern that Jesus set forth in Acts 1:8, that is, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by starting locally, regionally, nationally, and then worldwide.

Finding Identity - Serving God - Loving People - Changing the World
— The Vision

Kainos Church is a Bible-based, multidimensional fellowship of believers. Multidimensional means that we are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-economic church. We are committed to experiencing, explaining, and expanding God’s Diverse Kingdom in the city and throughout the world.

We are committed to helping people of all ages find their true identity, then teaching them to serve God passionately by loving and caring for people, and ultimately making positive change across the world.  (Colossians 1:9-14)


What to expect when you visit

Come as you are. Expect a warm, hospitable, spirit-filled experience with sincere worship and message. We don’t have all of the bells and whistles but we love the Lord and we love each other.

Service is at 10:00 AM at Peachtree Learning Center on the corner of 4th and Walnut in Cookeville, behind the hospital.